What we do

Unlimited Transportation Oil Field Services is a full service company providing fluid management and construction services to the oil industry in Salt Lake City Utah with operations located in Minot, Williston, and Dickinson.

Unlimited Transportation's fleet of new trucks, trailers, and equipment are strategically located to fulfill the needs of our customers.


  • Crude Transport

    Unlimited Transportation is the absolute standard in quality and deliverability.

  • Fluid Transport

    From fresh water for tracking to crude oil, we can move it, guaranteed.

  • Speciality Services

    Exclusively offering construction services to special locations Contact us to find locations.

About Us

Since the companies inception in 2013 Unlimited Transportation has moved over 1 Million gallons of crude over 10 million miles

We have expert technology that saves gas, money & time. more about us

Our experience was absolutely fantastic, when you are moving something critical like crude- you can't risk dealing with anyone but the best. we have continued to use them to this day! Cheers

Bronson Helm, xWORKS. more testimonials